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Godly Play

In most religious education, children are told who God is. In Godly Play, children discover who God is.

Aimed at children from age 4 thru 2nd grade. Godly Play is an introduction to Christian Education through the art of STORYTELLING. The curriculum of Godly Play teaches children about the Bible through the telling of stories.

Godly Play classes are unique in that it is a non-traditional approach to Christian Education instructed by parishioner volunteers. Children sit on a rug in a child-oriented open area with the teacher telling and acting different stories from the Bible, or parables, and then encourage the children to enter into the story themselves. “Hands-on” material is used to keep children’s interests allowing them for a hands-on experience. They place themselves in the situation, wonder about it, talk about it, and form a connection. Time permitting, each class ends with a Feast, at which a snack is shared in a similar way to the Eucharist.

We ask that these children be able to leave their parents for at least a half hour to forty minutes and be able to listen to a short story. As always, parents, friends, and siblings are invited to attend the lessons until the child is comfortable.

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