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Our Stained Glass Windows - Conclusion

There are three smaller gothic arched windows at the back of the church, all representing members of the Burrill family. The first is a window dedicated to Charles Burrill, 1849-1943. The picture features a cross and anchor which represents hope, faith, steadfastness, calm and composure.

The next window is a beautiful picture of a flaming rose which symbolizes virtue, divine love, beauty and hope. It is a memorial to Henry Thomas Burrill, 1860-1945.

The third window dedicated to Rachel Burrill, 1876-1960, depicts an ancient lamp lighting the way to righteousness, wisdom, intellect and divine presence.

As you can see, this family dates back deep into Trinity’s history and has continued generations up to the present. The contributions of this family are beautifully projected in each of the three windows made by the Connick Window Company and dedicated in 1962.

 So now ends our series on the stained-glass windows at Trinity Episcopal Church, Bridgewater. I hope you have enjoyed the travel back in time as well as the information on how and why these beautiful windows have been generously bought and gifted to the church. If you get a chance and would like to see these windows in person, feel free to drop by any Sunday when the church is open to see the spectacular array of these spiritually uplifting works of art. You are also warmly invited to join us for Sunday worship and fellowship. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, all are welcome!



Judy (Barney) Guasconi,

Senior Warden at Trinity Episcopal Church, Bridgewater

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