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Our Stained Glass Windows - Saint Cecelia

The St. Cecelia window was donated by the Barney family in 1988 and it has a rather touching love story behind it. Just before WWII there were two young members who met while singing in the choir at Trinity, Dorothy Kent and Franklin Barney. The two were married in the church on September 12, 1942 and welcomed their son shortly before Franklin was shipped overseas to serve during the war. They spent 18 months apart before the war was over and Franklin returned home to Bridgewater. Shortly after, they welcomed two daughters into the family thus continuing four generations of Barneys who have attended Trinity. Franklin became organist and choir master which led to a fitting choice for the Saint Cecelia window.

Saint Cecelia is the patron saint of the pipe organ and church music thus being a very symbolic representation of the family. The Barney family crest is also featured on the window depicting, among other things, the Episcopal shield. The family’s history can be traced back to 1268. Genealogy suggests that the first Barney came from northern France to England to join the crusade of William the Conqueror. The featured inscription reads: “Nil Temere Neque Timore” which means “Nothing Rashly Nor with Fear”.

Along with being the patron saint of the pipe organ, Saint Cecelia is also the patron saint of singing, roses, violins, flutes, harps, and the songbird. Her feast day in November has become a time for musical concerts and festivals.

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