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Our Stained Glass Windows - The Good Shepherd

Trinity Episcopal Church, Bridgewater is as unique and remarkable as the parishioners who have passed through its doors since 1747. Trinity has met with numerous obstacles, conflicts and challenges in the over 250 years of existence. Still, it remains a steadfast tribute to the faith and perseverance of its members. Trinity at 91 Main Street was built in 1882 and consecrated in 1884. It is a very beautiful and well-built church which has been lovingly taken care of throughout its history. One of the most striking features are the stained-glass windows, each with its own story to tell. And so, we would like to share a bit of history with you on each window, offering as much history as we can find in research. We plan to feature a different window every couple of weeks by explaining the significance of the window, who donated the window and any other information we can find as we look into the history of each one. The beauty of each of these windows is truly remarkable. By giving you this historical information about the windows, we hope it adds new meaning and appreciation to our already much-loved church. We hope you enjoy this trip back in time!

Good Shepherd Window


The Good Shepherd window is an icon at Trinity. As soon as you gaze at the altar, your eyes are drawn upward to this beautiful three-piece masterpiece of Jesus tending his flock of sheep. The inscription on the left reads: “I Am the Good Shepherd” and on the right it reads: “I Will Seek that Which Was Lost.” The window has been adored throughout the ages by young and old. The children of the parish undoubtedly are drawn to the pictures of the sheep as they are lovingly cared for by Jesus. They learn in Sunday School that Jesus loves us and guides and protects us through life. The older people perhaps reflect on Psalm 23, and take comfort knowing that when we are faced with hard battles, or when life overwhelms us, we never have to run away in fear because “The Lord Is my Shepherd” and “I will fear no evil”.


The window was given as a gift by the children of St. Thomas Church, Taunton in 1884. The cost to make the window was $150.00 and was made by Donald McDonald. The Good Shepherd window was restored in 2018 and funded by generous parishioners so as to provide continued beauty, peace and comfort to those who enter Trinity’s sanctuary.

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